Taji National Depot

  • The Northstar team provided a dedicated operations staff completing more than 400 shipments into Iraq from points of origin in USA, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Northstar provided procurement, freight forwarding and logistical support of vehicles, equipment and spare parts valued at more than
  • $70 million from USA, Europe and to points in the Middle East and to final destination in Iraq. Services included including receiving, quality inspection, consolidation, customs clearance, packing / repacking, loading / unloading vessel and transport to final destination. Shipments were transported via ocean and air including some air charters.
  • Movements required significant coordination with military personnel at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait in order to facilitate stringent customs procedures for military border crossings (K-Crossing). Shipments utilized the ports of Umm Qasr, Kuwait and Aqaba. Many of these shipments were staged and executed via Amman and or airlifted into Iraq.
  • The Northstar teams was able to provide innovative supply chain route solutions when the usual supply chains were not available thus ensuring cargo reached the final destination and the project was not compromised.


Multi-modal Sea/Air Transport
World Airways
American President Lines Liberty Global Logistics Silk Way West Airways

Northstar is providing transportation and logistics services for various Prime and first tier subcontractor for the distribution of cargo.

Providing a variety of services to support multi-modal operations including land transportation:

cross-docking operations, customs clearance and warehousing, line haul trucking of dry, frozen and chilled food cargo in the Baltic Region and CIS countries

Cargo is picked up at the Baltic Port and cross-docked at our VETCOM approved facility and then transported to the airport of the Prime’s choice.

Providing import and in-transit customs clearance and 24/7 in-transit visibility to the pallet level for each container.

In Afghanistan, transport to final destination.

Daily reporting for in-transit visibility



Subsistence Prime Vendor – Iraq/ Kuwait /Jordan

Procurement and distribution of semi-perishable and perishable food items to all Forward Operating Bases and Dining Facility Compounds for the US government throughout Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan

Providing container management services for all shipments from the US into theater of operations

Charter and commercial airlifts on demand

Crucial On-Time Deliveries to approximately 125 sites throughout Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan on demand

Complete In-Transit Visibility

Over 700 Truckloads/ 365 days per year



Republic of Iraq
Ministry of Oil
USA/Europe to Baghdad

 Northstar is providing comprehensive door-to-door transportation of cargo consisting of rolling stock, industrial pipe, and seismic equipment and oil field supplies.

The materials originate in the USA and Europe and are shipped via Air into Bagdad and via Ocean into Umm Qasr and Mersin. Line haul completes the journey to Basra.

Northstar has developed a strategic time saving supply chain route to enter Iraq via Mersin. This alternative route into Iraq avoids the potential bottleneck at Umm Qasr and saves days of valuable time by crossing into Iraq using the Zacko border then trucking in-land to final destination in Basra.

Northstar Freight Forwarding services under this contract included:

LC documentation preparation and submittal

Legalization of documents

Warehousing: storing, packing, crating, container loading, load block and bracing

Container purchasing

Ocean transport

Customs clearance for export and import

Hazmat transport

Out of Gauge Cargo

Inspection services


USA to various Libyan Ports

Northstar’s experience in Libya dates back to the early 1980s where we secured a large contract valued at approximately $25 million to move major appliances for General Electric (GE). That was the largest single contract for GE in the Middle East. Our responsibility was to move the cargo from Louisville, KY to Tripoli (via Norfolk) in containers. In addition we were required to handle all documentation in full compliance to the letter of credit which we performed and submitted to the bank which resulted in a smooth and timely payment to all parties.

Northstar is handling multiple shipments via air and sea to Libya. The shipments consist of flexible steel pipes of a large diameter and their spare parts. We are currently taking possession of cargo at multiple US manufacturers and delivering to Libyan sites. These shipments started in 2009 and continue to the present.



Selection of Projects in Africa

Northstar Logistics is a licensed and bonded international freight forwarder that handled some of the Surface Deployment and Distribution

Command (SDDC) qualified line-haul transportation and logistics services. Northstar Logistics has worked on more than 60 SDDC Global Freight Management (GFM) Spot Bid missions and delivered hundreds of truckloads to US Military end users via multiple modes of transport including land, sea, rail and air.

Northstar Logistics worked on the first SDDC GFM Spot Bid in Africa under the command of 598th Transportation Battalion supporting the USAFRICOM Area of Responsibility. Successful Missions have included the movement of cargo crossing borders from Uganda to Kenya and Djibouti to Ethiopia

Location                           Projects

Nairobi, Kenya                  Forestation/Earth Moving Equipment

Zambia                               Agricultural and Medical Equipment

Tanzania                            Agricultural and Medical Equipment

Somalia                              Rural Health System Project

Uganda                               Oil Field and Construction Equipment

Libya                                   Construction and Communication Equipment

Cameroon                          Agriculture and Construction Project



Dept. of State

U.S. Embassy New Build Program
Various Prime Contractors 

Since 2001, NS has been providing handling of door to door transportation and logistics services for numerous US Department of State construction projects worldwide, including new embassies, office buildings and chanceries in support

U.S. Embassy new build program. As an experienced freight forwarder Northstar Logistics provides consolidation services and utilizes U.S. Flag and non-flag vessels and aircraft to deliver timely and securely to DoS sites worldwide. Each project consisted of up to 350-400 containers of construction material and equipment which is consolidated and shipped from Northstar Logistics operated warehouses in the U.S. East, West and Gulf Coast and shipped to Department of State destinations worldwide.

Northstar has provided logistics services for the following Embassy Projects:

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kabul, Afghanistan

Manila, Philippines, Phase I

Istanbul, Turkey

Manila, Philippines, Phase II

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Quito, Ecuador

Port, Moresby, Papa New Guinea

Suva, Fiji

Djibouti, Djibouti

Moscow, Russia

Conakry, Guinea

Bamako, Mali

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Cape Town South Africa

Surabaya, Indonesia

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tijuana, Mexico

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso



Power Generation Projects
Various Commercial & Government Contractors

The Northstar team has provided transportation and logistics via various modes of transport for power generation project equipment from world wide origins to destinations in some of the worlds most remote regions. Shipping included transport of out of gauge cargo up to 325MT



EXIM Bank Projects

Northstar has provided shipping and logistics services for millions of dollars in EXIM bank cargo shipping from the US to locations worldwide. Our extensive portfolio of EXIM bank projects includes projects in the Far East, Africa, Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe to some of the most remote areas of the world.

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