Customs Clearance/ Documentation Services

Documentation control and oversight are critical to ensure shipments are transported timely and securely.   Northstars’ Documentation Center provides quality control oversight of all shipping documentation.

Northstars’ Documentation Centers provides::

  • —Personnel specialized in customs procedures for Commercial, Oil and Gas, ISAF, and US Government (Department of Defense & Department of State)
  • Trained personnel in all regions / designated zones
  • Licensed customs clearance at all border crossing countries
  • Daily location reports for all documents
  • Up to date information available for each shipment
  • Scanned document records available to the customer
  • Assistance with documentation processing, obtaining exemptions, document oversight
  • Commercial, Diplomatic and Tax Exempt Customs Clearance Processing
  • Documentation support for specialized shipping requirements (Letters of credit, document legalization and EXIM bank processing)
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